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You have worked hard to get to this point. Whether you have built a business from the ground floor up or if you have diligently been saving as an employee of a company. You have gotten yourself to a place where your hard work and discipline has created wealth in many forms. At Legacy Partners our commitment is helping people to confidently step back from the daily hustle and bustle to a relaxing and slower time of life. Most folk’s number one concern when transitioning to this next stage commonly expressed is the fear of running out of money. At Legacy Partners, we focus on helping you to identify reliable sources of income so you know that you are able to participate in all of the family and personal activities you have dreamed of.

Steps to Living Confidently:
How to Retire With Confidence


  1. Knowing your number. It is critical to know the dollar amount it takes to run your lifestyle. As elementary as it may seem, we believe creating a detailed budget is the absolute first step to the retirement planning puzzle.

  2. Understanding your sources of income. These sources are provided by social security benefits, pensions and other sources that have been created through the assets that have been accumulated over the years.

  3. Being strategic about your overall retirement income plan is one way to become more financially and emotionally confident. Knowing the impacts of which assets to use first, can help make a tremendous difference in the long run.

  4. Understanding how your benefits and estate plan will change  as you transition into retirement. ​ For many people the safety and security of employer sponsored benefits will cease and having these valuable benefits will be left for the newly retired to explore the best ways to fill the void.

At Legacy Partners we pride ourselves with the experience and the autonomy to bring the solutions to meet your specific financial goals. In addition, we have strong relationships with credentialed professionals in the areas of health and medicare planning, tax, and wills and trusts.

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